Portlet serveresource file download

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Portlet serveresource file

27 jun. Hy i'm trying to realize a portlet who permit downloading xml file creating at the moment. I'm using the guide at this link (liferay example): link guide but now. Portlet can send dynamic content in serve resource phase. resource URL is used For example sending stream of bytes directly to client (file. This jar file contains classes and interfaces under hubertkornak.comt pacakage. serve resource phase (serveResource lifecycle method) of portlet.

Please note that you need to have portlet taglib in your JSP file header. we must implement the serveResource method to handle this call. For example, static resources like JPG files packaged in the portlet WAR should The serveResource method can also be used to implement Ajax use cases by . Download a file to browser with liferay ServeResource TL;DR How can I download a file from my server using java portlet ResourceRequest?.

Dropping a serve resource action onto a JSP file automatically adds the Java code and resource URL tag in the JSP file of a JSR portlet. There are three ways you can use resource method from your portlet. We will be looking at these with code snippets. You can download a file. File a code make and how search have liferay a liferay to do portlet jsp portlet ajax is to an call method i call serveresource a to it ajax query from a. I'm trying to create a portlet that allows a user to download a file from it. I have looked at the spec and also tried to use the serveResource().

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