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Commercial, Enclosure (CD) published by Endless Shirafu on Aug 12, containing remix from ∀kashicverse -Malicious Wake- with. BrowseGet Desktop · Try PrimeStore. Search. Top Results. No results found. They're probably in another castle. Search. New Prime Loot. Get Bits. Log in. ∀kashicverse-Malicious-Wake · きゅぴシュ~DANGEROUS!! (試し版) · やまの河童 工房 · やまの河童工房 · アインスリング · 東方幕華祭 ~ Fantastic Danmaku.

I've just got a glympse of a shmup that will be released supossedly on this comiket that reminds me a lot Hellsinker (and Radiozonde too).

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